Work with Fairbridge

Fairbridge is the largest supplier of outdoor education with sites sprinkled throughout some of the most beautiful scenery in Western Australia, which explains the repeated business from the school’s community and corporate groups.

All Fairbridge sites are unique regarding capacity and offerings, but all accommodate school camps. Working within an environment of joy and laughter truly makes Fairbridge a wonderful place to work.

Fairbridge invests in its staff providing ongoing support, flexibility, and timely rewards whilst also challenging staff to grow with the company. This culture is built on a strong comradery foundation with an upward commitment to support each other and build on each other’s success whilst embedding quality practices along the way fostering sustainable organisational growth.

Fairbridge continuously seeks enthusiastic and suitable staff to join our wonderful team and enhance the Fairbridge brand. Fairbridge accepts expressions of interest for all roles, existing new, and emerging.

As representatives of Fairbridge we are frequently requested to introduce the company with a common themed response. ‘It sounds like a great place to work,’ or ‘I could see myself working here.’ Our response is ‘why don’t you?’ forward your expression of interest today, it could change your life.

Please send your experience of interest or resume to: Kim Tantrum Manager Business Services at Fairbridge Western Australia Inc PO BOX 173, Pinjarra WA 6208

Staff Testimonials

Since having started my employment with Fairbridge I have moved from Housekeeper to Site Coordinator. At every step of my progression from new employee learning the daily business operations and organisational structure to coordinating a site I have felt well informed and supported by my co-workers and the upper management team. There is a strong emphasis on collaborative teamwork which I find very empowering. Fairbridge is a dynamic organisation which provides an excellent opportunity at any level to grow and progress in a number of fields.
Jacqui Ellingham
Point Peron camp coordinator
Shanelle is from Meadows Springs and is now a busy working mum, working for us and completing her apprenticeship with a 2-year-old son is no easy task. Shanelle is getting married at Fairbridge later this year and has been instrumental in rejuvenating the bedrooms in Scratton Lodge to welcome our returning school camps. Shanelle has already attended a training course and achieved her Restricted Asbestos Licence. Shanelle has seamlessly fitted into the maintenance team.
Shanelle Foster
Painting and Decorating apprentice
Fairbridge strikes a wonderful balance of job satisfaction with the crucial element of work-life balance. I love having a seat at a table where everyone is entitled to an opinion and each one is heard. Before coming to work in Pinjarra, I was doing all I could to leave the hospitality industry due to its demanding, not family friendly, unappreciated nature. It was a breath of much needed air to join a family where the individuals matter.

Transparency and clarity with senior management, I had not experienced in previous jobs and it's that holistic approach that inspires staff. The most paramount aspect of working for Fairbridge is that you are not just another number, you have a voice. Self-development and education are at the forefront of a career with Fairbridge!
Linda O’Connor
Hospitality Trainer

No Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies

Our current exciting opportunities wrapped in a warm invitation to join our incredible team include.


Alcoa is a global leader in bauxite, alumina and aluminium production with a vision to reinvent the aluminium industry for a sustainable future. 

The company has a proud history in the Peel region of Western Australia that it aims to continue by adding value to the communities near where it operates, providing jobs for future generations, and protecting and preserving the environment including through world-leading research and rehabilitation.

Through support from Alcoa and the Alcoa Sustainable Employment and Life Outcomes Initiative, Fairbridge employs three apprentices or trainees annually for a one-year fixed term. The apprenticeships and traineeships are in work streams that help maintain and operate the historic Fairbridge Village, near Pinjarra, including carpentry and joinery, painting and decorating, plumbing, and conservation and ecosystem management.

Fairbridge is currently seeking suitable candidates for these 2023 placements. If you are interested in applying, please forward your resume and cover letter to the email below.