Work with Fairbridge

Fairbridge is the largest supplier of outdoor education with sites sprinkled throughout some of the most beautiful scenery in Western Australia, which explains the repeated business from the school’s community and corporate groups.

All Fairbridge sites are unique regarding capacity and offerings, but all accommodate school camps. Working within an environment of joy and laughter truly makes Fairbridge a wonderful place to work.

Fairbridge invests in its staff providing ongoing support, flexibility, and timely rewards whilst also challenging staff to grow with the company. This culture is built on a strong comradery foundation with an upward commitment to support each other and build on each other’s success whilst embedding quality practices along the way fostering sustainable organisational growth.

Fairbridge continuously seeks enthusiastic and suitable staff to join our wonderful team and enhance the Fairbridge brand. Fairbridge accepts expressions of interest for all roles, existing new, and emerging.

As representatives of Fairbridge we are frequently requested to introduce the company with a common themed response. ‘It sounds like a great place to work,’ or ‘I could see myself working here.’ Our response is ‘why don’t you?’ forward your expression of interest today, it could change your life.

Please send your experience of interest or resume to: Kim Tantrum Manager Business Services at Fairbridge Western Australia Inc PO BOX 173, Pinjarra WA 6208

Staff Testimonials

Since having started my employment with Fairbridge I have moved from Housekeeper to Site Coordinator. At every step of my progression from new employee learning the daily business operations and organisational structure to coordinating a site I have felt well informed and supported by my co-workers and the upper management team. There is a strong emphasis on collaborative teamwork which I find very empowering. Fairbridge is a dynamic organisation which provides an excellent opportunity at any level to grow and progress in a number of fields.
Jacqui Ellingham
Point Peron Camp Coordinator
Fairbridge Village is such a beautiful unique place steeped in history and such a delight to walk around, interact with members of the public and observe school groups creating lifelong memories. As a new family to Australia in 2012, Fairbridge as an employer has allowed my role to grow with my family. Commencing part time employment in 2013 whilst my daughter attended a new primary school in a new country, Fairbridge offered me school hours, something I had never experienced previously, this was the perfect work life balance for our family. Fairbridge quickly identified my potential, providing me with many opportunities within the organisation, thus allowing me to grow with it. During this journey, I have completed numerous professional development sessions, worked within inspirational teams, grown as an individual and have met some incredible people along the way.
Kim Tantrum
Business Services Manager

No Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies

Our current exciting opportunities wrapped in a warm invitation to join our incredible team include.


Looking for a sea change – living and working within an historic village or working close to western Australia’s beautiful coastline watching the dolphins or breathing in fresh country air? Consider being a caretaker for Fairbridge.


Fairbridge is a major youth charity and has six 6 camp sites around Western Australia all requiring caretakers. The sites are Dampier, Geraldton, Point Peron, Fairbridge Village Pemberton, and Kalgoorlie. Each site has its own unique features where we run adventure outdoor education programs to all students in WA schools.

College Teachers

Welcome to Fairbridge College -an extraordinary multi-campus independent CARE school overseen by Fairbridge WA Inc., a prominent youth charity dedicated to nurturing the potential of young individuals for educational and training achievements. Catering to students in years 7-12, our institution stands out for its commitment to cultivating a deeper understanding of learning, fostering self-assurance, and instilling resilience and a growth-oriented mindset in our students.


Certificate Qualified Educators

Fairbridge College at Kalgoorlie Campus provides an embedded commitment to giving back to the community and collaborates closely with local organisations within the Goldfields to support educational programs offered at the college. Students are empowered to have a voice, make change and work with staff to create a sustainable school environment that is welcoming for all students. As a teacher at Fairbridge College, Kalgoorlie you are provided support and opportunities to expand your classroom beyond a room. Utilising the space available onsite or many of the unique learning environments the Goldfields offer.

A Groundsperson

  •  – Work with young people who are completing traineeships/work experience.
  • – Upkeeping the general grounds including hedge trimming, mowing, pruning, weeding and spraying.
  • – Keeping pathways clear and tidy.
  • – Routine maintenance of relevant plant and equipment.
  • – Maintains the village swimming pool including cleaning and undertaking water testing.
  • – Attends to the Village rubbish bins in line with regular council pickups.
  • – Undertakes any general requirements as advised by the Grounds and Maintenance Coordinator.